Hourly Bike Rentals

VBikes has arrived along the Malecon ( seawall) in Mazatlan. Another reason to have a cell

phone data in addition to Uber, is the introduction of bike rentals operated by the vBike App.

Mazatlan has in February 2019 complimented the new dedicated bike lanes along the longest

seawall in Mexico with inexpensive bike public bike rental. Before you go, download the vBike

APP for iPhone or Android and when you get to the bike point you want , just scan the QR code

on the bike you want and slide the lever to unlock your bike.

Rates are initially set at 10 pesos ( US$ 50 cents) for 60 minutes of ride time paid through your

credit card on the app. Safe and fun way to travel down the Malecon.

Currently the map on the website and signs at the stations are wrong and only the stations from

Valentino’s to just north of the Fisherman’s Monument are operating as that is where the safe

bike lane is already built, These are the stations shown as 1-11 on the map below. You may not

find bikes available on holidays and weekends as very popular with Mexican tourists so count

on maybe having to walk 5 minutes further to the next stop or go (non holiday) Monday to

Thursday for best results.

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