My Favorite Day Trip from Old Mazatlan

Wouldn’t it be great, on a day when you just wanted a change of pace from the culture and activities of Old Mazatlan, you could just transport yourself to another part of the world with just unspoiled beaches, thatch huts rebelling from the trappings of commerce and just be. While we will have to await for Scotty to perfect in the transporter; your castaway yearning can be met with a 20 minute cab journey and a short boat ride.

The destination is Isla de la Piedra or Stone Island. Lovers of facts will be quick to point out that it is a peninsula and not technically an Island just south of Old Mazatlan. The land that time forgot feel of Stone Island is due to the fact it is an Ejido, or land set aside after the Mexican Revolution as a self administered collective for the fishing families who reside there and that status slows change to a turtle crawl.

Just flag down one of Mazatlan’s unique open air taxis called Pulmonias  (you get Pneumonia - get it) and ask for Stone Island (remember to agree on a fare in advance and 60 pesos is a fair rate). You will then walk 100 feet to a stall to buy your Ferry pass for 30 pesos and remember to keep your receipt as it all covers the return fare. The ferry, right out of a 1940s Amazon jungle movie,  is a 20 person skiff powered by an outboard motor called a Panga. Cameras ready and relax as your trip is basically a 20 minute journey through Mazatlan’s working harbour.

Now comes the stroll along the shallow beach where the fishing families have passed for years. While it may be busier during holiday periods such as Easter and occasionally some places with Cruise ship passengers, Mondays and Thursdays are preferred for solitude. It is normally a quiet walk to Lety’s where Expats have been gathering for 60 years. Grab a seat to use for your all day lounging pleasure and start with an ice cold Pacifico beer.  No rush to order any food but if you like fish, try the local bbq charcoal smoked method of Zarandeado or shrimp brochetas is another long time favourite.

Chill....Swim...Chill...Eat and drink.

When you are done near the end of the day, pay your bill and simply retrace your steps back to civilization. Wanderlust and taste buds satisfied and refreshed by the total change of pace for under USD$30; transporter included.

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